Gambaq from my 60D

Kali ni aku nak share 2-3 keping gambar from my new 60D. So far this camera produce very good quality of JPEG picture. The color saturation and white balance mmg best and high ISO still can produce good picture with little noise. Default setting too soft so kena naikkan sikit sharpness value or do post editing. Tapi since aku suka pakai mode Aparture priority so aku suka set F stop dkt F8 to get deeper depth of field (DOF) and play around with ISO. Shutter speed will be based on the ISO and F stop balance. Body dia pun tak berat sgt since new 60D used plastic body. User interface pun ok so kalau compare dgn DSLR lama aku..This 60D ni lagi best..he..he..he…So sapa2 yg nak upgrade or beli dslr..Canon 60D ni mmg besh…. 🙂


“Saya lapar lah mama”


“Bunga apa ni?”

“Mana makanan saya ni?”

 “Senyum…he..he..he.. 🙂 “



“Bunga lagi…”



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