Brunei Trip…..

This time I upload picture during Brunei trip with my officemate. The trip started from Marine Apartment, Kg. Pulau Melayu (our apartment). From Miri to border line between Brunei and Miri is about 30 minute.

First Picture taken at Malaysian Immigration…..From here to Bandar Sri Begawan is about 120km..

In the middle of our journey… took picture at one of the sign board..can show other people we are here..Brunei..he..he..he..

Finally..we arrived at Bandar Sri Begawan…Tak tahulah apa nama tempat ni…. looks like Zul try to negotiate the price for boat ride.

In front of Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddien……

At the back of the Masjid  Omar Ali Saifuddien……

Before boat ride… ha..ha..ha…

On the boat….. jln2 kat Kampung Air….

Stopping by at R&R Kampung Air..he..he..he…

Took picture with one of the local people..woner of this R&R…

After finish boat riding…amik gambar dgn borther yg jaga jetty….

At last…dinner before going back to Miri….


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