First picture with my first DSLR

Actually, before this I’m using compact camera Canon Ixus I7 Zoom, but I’m not satisfied with picture quality. So I decide to change to DSLR camera. My first DSLR camera is Sony Alpha A230. I bought this camera during PC Fair last time. The price is quite cheaper compare to Nikon or Canon, plus if we buy on that time, we will get some free gift like tripod, beg, memory card and cap. So I would say, all in one.

This is my first picture with my first DSLR. Also this is main reason why I decide to use DSLR camera. Feel free to comment.

Family picture..with my lovely wife and my baby….

Me and Danish… he..he..he… hey danish..what are you looking at? …..

Urghh….I’m tired lah papa…

My wife and danish.. mmuahh…

Mama and Danish…he..he..I’m tired and hungry lah mama…

Arghh…I can’t see lah mama…..


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