Baby Danish

On 4th October 2009 around 5.40 pm, my wife safely delivered my first baby Muhammad Danish Bin Mohd Khairuliszuan at Pusrawi Kuala Lumpur. Danish weight on that time is 3.3 kg and 52 cm height. This time I’m going to share a couple of pictures since he was born until now…

Just after delivered…welcome to our family..(sorry picture quality is very low. Captured using handphone)


After discharge from labor room and before admit at nursery.. ZZZzzzzzz……

First time his cry…. waaa….waaa….waaaa (still using handphone)

Danish with his cousin, Alya Maisara.

After shave..look like Tok Bo…he..he..he…

Uweeekk…. he..he..he….

See papa..I can flip my body…

Danish with his first soft toy name Simba….

Danish happy and smile bcoz, mama bought him new soft toy..Nemo and his sons.

Bathing time….he..he…he…


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